Roughly a week is remaining in the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 handset. Surprisingly all the major details about its specifications and design are already available on the internet even before the launch. To be honest, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t appear to be a major update over the current handsets in terms of features and hardware. Now some more fresh information is available about a device’s feature. This time it is about the Camera, so without wasting any time let’s know more about it.

With the launch of Galaxy S9 and S9+ Samsung has introduced a major feature which later became the selling reason for this device. Samsung has introduced a Camera feature called Super Slo-mo with which a user can record videos up to 960fps at 720p resolution. There are some restrictions associated with this feature. One can’t record videos up to 0.2 sec which later gets converted into a several sec video. It looks like Samsung will gonna remove this limitation up to a certain extent on the Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 Slow-Mo

As suggested by latest details a user will be able to take 0.4 sec of Super Slo-mo footage on the Galaxy Note 9 which is almost double when compared to the Galaxy S9 devices. Considering the fact that Note 9 will pack a similar camera setup to the Galaxy S9 we can expect this feature on the Galaxy S9-series devices via an update. It is said to know that Samsung will not gonna bump up the resolution to 1080p, Galaxy Note 9 will still record Super Slo-mo in 720p resolution.


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