Google has now been quite active in updating it’s app. Well, Gboard has been one such app. Google has been regularly updating the app. Last time the update which was received was the one with 40 new languages. And this time also the new update adds a new feature.


The new update with v6.8 now brings features like handwriting keyboard as well as larger emoji. This new update has been a long awaited one.

So if you are the one who actually loves to scribble more or want to try this new writing feature then Gboard is the best option. Earlier there was a different app for Google handwriting but now it has been integrated in this one.

For this first you need to go the Gboard’s settings and then click on the language settings. The select the option ‘Add a keyboard’. Once this is done you need to select the option you plan for writing. And it’s done. After this you can even change the normal keyboard to the handwriting one the same way you change languages.

The next enhancement to the app is increased the size of the emoji’s. So now you could see them clearly.

What I feel is Google is going to add many new interesting features. But for now we should enjoy the ones added now.


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