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Gboard is one of the most popular keyboards available for both iOS and Android platform. The GBoard is now updated to incorporate some new ‘snappy’ features. The latest version of GBoard brings support for Stickers and Bitmoji’s, enhancing the overall utility of the Google developed Keyboard.

With this update GBoard users can now share their favourite stickers or custom Bitmoji on any app that supports image pasting. If you have got hold of the very latest GBoard to chat or type. Just tap on the emoji button then either the sticker button to preview all the available stickers. Or the Bitmoji button to create your own custom emoji’s based on your expression. Once chosen, send your favorite stickers or Bitmoji all through the GBoard.

Most importantly, some sticker packs or the Bitmoji app from the Play Store should be downloaded manually and is a prerequisite to utilise the features. Or else, you could get new sticker packs any time, by just tapping the “+” symbol on the emoji tab of GBoard.

Google has just initiated the roll-out of the latest GBoard. As a result, currently I couldn’t find any Play Store link nor other third party appstores/websites link of the app. But, soon it ought to hit most of the device’s Play Store. As for now, the feature is exclusive to Android GBoard app. When the feature would hit iOS counterpart of the GBoard is unknown.


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