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Recently, Google’s Gmail got a new redesign which made it look pretty different. Now, there is also a new feature i.e. Confidential Mode is added as leaked earlier. Though, the Gmail app hasn’t received any new tools yet. But this new Confidential mode can be one such a new tool.

Gmail update

If you think you need to update the app for this new tool, then don’t worry. As this new tool will be available without the update as it’s a server side update. Just check the menu if you want to know whether you have received the update or not.

What is Confidential Mode in Gmail ?

Through this mode, the emails that you send will be self destructed after sometime. The users who use gmail, will see these messages as like normal mails. While for those who aren’t Gmail users, the one who receives the mail will get a link. And this link will open the mail in a secure web portal.

How to send mail using Confidential Mode in Gmail ?

Now when it comes to sending the mail through this confidential mode it’s easy. You just need to type the mail in the traditional way you usually do. Then in the overflow menu you will see the ‘confidential mode’. Select that and also choose the expiration time period. The users also have the option to add a passcode if you want to, to open the message.

And users can also change the confidential settings whenever they want to.

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Well, the Gmail Confidential Mode seems really useful for some type of work. How many of you were in dire need of this feature on Gmail ?


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