We know Google Allo will be desktop compatible very soon.  But a new update is being pushed that will make the preliminary changes needed for the new feature. The Update v15 adds Allo messaging shortcuts to your contacts app. This was a low key release and didn’t come with an official announcement.

So, we know Allo is quite behind other top messaging apps when it comes to vital features. This is one of them. Now, Allo users will easily be able to hop on to Allo right from their contacts app. Hopefully, the change applies to all contact apps whether that be Google’s contacts app or Samsung’s. Although we haven’t tested this out. So let us know if it’s not the case.

This feature has been provided by other apps since long. So it’s a useful addition. Now, when you enter your contacts app and select a contact, you’ll see the shortcut if your contact uses Allo. Needless to say, you must have their phone number to chat with them. 

Other changes in the app were all related to the web-client, an APK teardown by AndroidPolice indicated. So it’s not long before we finally see that feature on Allo.


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