Google Allo v14

Well, nowadays it’s been a trend of copying one another features. Recently, Facebooks’s Instagram took Snapchat’s stories features along with many other things. Today, it’s turn for Google to carry out some new features for Google Allo. Google is rolling a new build of the Google Allo app with various new features but the main focus is on Message reactions.


Google is rolling out message reactions in Allo’s version 14. Although we and lots of other people were expecting desktop client for Allo. Couple of times earlier, we have also received new leaks in the form of images regarding desktop couple of times earlier.

The message reactions in Google Allo works same as in FB Messenger. However, unlike Messenger in Google Allo you can only react to a message with a heart reaction. The number of likes are shown in a badge at the bottom of the message. The information is given by Head of Product – Google Allo, Google Duo & WebRTC Amit Fulay through a tweet.

Its worth telling you that recently Google Allo gets some very useful features. Which includes Quick Personal GIFIncognito Mode and backup support, smart stickers, etc.

Right now we did not have full changelog of the update. But still we know Google has introduced message reactions in Allo which is quite good. If you want to use these reactions as soon as possible and can’t wait, then download it from from the APK Mirror. We hope the desktop client will launch very soon in some upcoming updates.

How many of you have started receiving the update? Currently it is rolling out for very few uaers. Others can download it from the Apk Mirror link above.


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