Google Allo v18 made translation live for every user [Download]


Today, Google has initiated the wider roll-out of in-app translation feature for Allo users. Or, in other words it’s now officially live, perhaps after being experimental since v14 of the Google Allo app. Now onwards, Allo users having v17 or above could see the translation feature backed by Google translation hitting their devices gradually.

As already mentioned, the translation feature existed long back on Allo. However, concealed and requires root access to enable it. Nevertheless, now the translation feature being fully baked. Allo users can trigger the translation by long-pressing a message and tapping the Google Translate icon appearing in the title bar at the top. Also, the users could hide the translation by another long-press and tapping on undo icon that pops-up.

Google Allo v18 Released

Meanwhile, Allo v18 is now released and available for download. The translation feature being more productive and accessible with this release. Also, the v18 brings support for round icons on Android Nougat and adaptive icons on Oreo.

Furthermore, a teardown performed on the latest v18 of Allo revealed something Interesting. Some resources strings found in decompiled apk points out a probable Opera Web Browser support for accessing web-client feature of Allo in near future. However, nothing is clear and officially confirmed. Just as a reminder, Allo web-client was rolled out just recently and supports only the Chrome Browser till now.

Google Allo v8 strings

You can now update your Google Allo app to the latest v18 by downloading it on Apkmirror. In case, if you don’t trust the third-party app stores. Wait until it hits the Play Store on your device, typically it takes 2 or 3 weeks more, though.


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