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While WhatsApp is working to bring enhanced group control features, Allo has surprisingly beaten them in this regard. Google’s instant messenger is receiving an update v22 that not only brings group controls but a selfie clips feature as well. Chances are that you might have already noticed the changes if your app has got updated to the latest version.

So, Allo v22 gives more power to the group administrator. Starting with new groups you make, admins can be more than one person. The original group creator can assign admin status to whomever he wishes. Now, this isn’t exactly a new feature. It’s there in WhatsApp and many other IM platforms. However, the update gives admins exclusive right to change group names and photos. This is right now new in Allo. The new features apply to groups created after the update.

Moving over to Selfie clips. Selfie clips is a copy of Snapchat animated GIFs. When you press the shutter button, a circular pop up will open up like the one in the image. The new feature can be accessed by tapping on the shutter button to the bottom right. Long pressing the same button will record a video.

While not a major breakthrough, the update will definitely make life better for Allo users. To have these features go to play store and download the latest version of Allo.


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