Google Allo web client now works with Firefox, Opera and iOS


Allo, Google’s proprietary messaging platform has just expanded its reach to two browsers namely Firefox and Opera. What’s more, it will now work on iOS devices as well. Allo’s web client was just born two months ago and at that time it only supported Chrome for Android users. But Google has quickly closed the gap.

Today Google’s Head of Product, Amit Fulay took to Twitter to announce the good news. Moreover, the update is live and you should see it soon if you already don’t. That’s pretty much it. If you are interested to know how the web client works, it’s pretty similar to WhatsApp’s web client. You open the QR scanner in the Allo app and open the address on your browser and simply scan the QR code. Simple as that.

Apart from this update, Google has been improving its Chrome web client by adding new features. The most recent one brought app features like GIF search, emoji, and stickers to the web client. And my favourite is the shout/whisper feature that is also now available on the web interface.


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