Google: Android One program Goes to Rick Osterloh’s Broader Hardware Strategy

mike hayes

Android One, a program launched by Sundar Pichai couple of years ago at Google IO to give users smartphones at cheap rates with latest updates for developing nations. It is active in various developing nations like India, Philippines, etc.

Android_One_LogoIn order to boost the Android One Program, Google has transferred it to the broader hardware strategy under recently joined, Motorola’s Rick Osterloh, who have recently joined the Google.

In an interview, Mike Hayes, director of business development for Android and Chrome partnerships said:

Android One has become a part of the broader hardware strategy, under which Motorola’s Rick Osterloh has joined Google recently. Google is taking a broader view of its hardware business. So you should expect to see a position around what we are doing on low-end devices all the way through.

We still continue to support a number of OEMs (original equipment makers) that partnered with us on the programme. However, speeds at which the devices are coming to the market are completely dependent upon the OEMs.

We still have interest from a number of OEMs wanting to work with us on programmes like the Android One. The program is about mass market low-end devices, more affordability and to drive services into the market, and the premium things that we are working on with a number of OEMs.

New versions of the Android One devices are going to hit the Market and local vendors Micromax, Karbonn, and Spice are the partners in manufacturing the devices.

We are expecting more from the Android One division at the upcoming Google IO 2016 event.


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