Google announces new beta update to Android Wear


What we see in the smartwatch market, is that Android Wear of Google hasn’t made a great progress. When we compare it with Samsung Tizen and Apple’s WatchOS. The reason can be it does not have features more than other two and it can even be it’s marketing strategy. But what I feel is that Google is now planning to concentrate on Android Wear.

Android Wear 2.0


That is why Google has recently announced that Android Wear Beta is now available. So it can be flashed for a test device or via the Android Emulator.

Well, this is purely a technical update to APU 26 as Google mentions. And will come up with some enhancements to the device like improvement to background limits and notification channels. So from now Android Wear users can configure their the notification panel. Means now you can configure the alerts you want through the smartwatch. And also the enhancement to background limits will provide stricter limitation on services running. And this would actually help save a lot of battery.

For now the only smartwatch that you can test LG Watch sport. Even now, Android Wear isn’t upto date compared to other ones. But we see Google is taking more time to improve it.



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