Google-Assistant 2018

Google has great faith and affection towards its Google Assistant. In fact, Google is diligent in making it available across myriads of digital devices. However, its like such as Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri and others are equally capable deploying tough competition in the digital assistant segment. So as to outshine its rivals and in order to gain an upper hand, Google will be adding support for over 30 languages on Google Assistant.

Google-Assistant 2018

The California based tech-tycoon aims to do so by this year-end. As per a Google post, Google Assistant – an artificial intelligence software which is available on its connected speakers, Android smartphones and other devices, will also include multilingual capacity “so families or individuals that speak more than one language can speak naturally” to the program. Thereby, Google manages to erradicate the language barrier that plagued non-English users while interacting with its assistant.

Since, Google targets the up-gradation to complete by this year-end, the new languages will be added gradually part by part. In the next few months, the Assistant will be a pro in Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai on Android phones and iPhone’s. And later, support for more languages on more devices on the way. The move will last throughout the year.

That said, linguist nature of Google Assistant ought to help it in a long run. The Google Assistant powered Smart Speakers, T.V’s and other connected devices would see a surge in sales. Note that, its competitor such as Amazon Alexa are basically monolingual, offering support for only English language.

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