Google Assistant for iOS starts rolling out in Europe now


Google Assitant which was launched in last year. The company makes Google Assistant available on iOS devices few months ago in US. Now Google is rolling out Google Assistant for iOS in Europe also.

Google Assistant

Google assistant is the extension of Google Now. Some of its features are listed below.

Google Appointments: Google has announced lot of new features like ability to add appointments along with reminders. It’s cross syncing across iPhone and Google Home products make it more useful.

Conversations: Now, Google Assitant can converse with you using natural language. Google will bring

Proactive notifications to Google Home

Google Lens—a new way for computers to “see” and understand the surroundings. On the basis of that data it will give you more accurate and precise answers.

Google Home call support: The new Google Assistant will allow you to make a call to near and dear ones without the need of actual phone. It will automatically connect the call via your landline or mobile device connected via connection.

More music, movies and TV shows: Google has brought in Bluetooth support for Audio music, you can listen to your favourites from your Android or iPhone.They have also added streaming from Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer. For Videos they have partnered with Netflix, More partners are in pipeline and in few weeks they will also support is feature.

Visual response from Assistant on TV with Chromecast: Google has tried to connect whole the smart things in your home with Assistant. They are going to use your TV’s via Chromecast to visualise answers of your questions to Assistant via Home or Android devices or others.

Google Allo also use Assistant for the conversation.

The tech giant offers an Assistant widget that can be accessed from the widget panel of Apple’s notification centre.


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