Google Bounty Program Extends To Android


As like of Google Chrome, Google has extended its Bounty program to Android and Google Play Store to find the bugs or loopholes. Indirectly now Google is taking help of hackers to build the secureness of Android platform to fix and strengthen the security glitches.

google online security

As per the Google, they have announced over $4 Million in last 5 years and now they have opened up the same program for Google Play Services.This step from Google will help Android ecosystem to tighten its security by fixing flaws.  As a small, yet significant, example, the Google Play Store has its own built-in antivirus tools, checking apps in the store and blocking them if needed.

Now researchers and hackers will showcase the flaws in the Google Play Store and will ensure the security in it. More information on this will be announced soon by Google’s head of product security group, Matt Moore In upcoming days.

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