Ported Google Camera HDR+ update brings RAW support, and other HDR settings


It’s no secret that the biggest highlight of the Pixel was its camera prowess. Especially the HDR+ image processing technology that was sadly exclusive to the Pixel devices. But an XDA developer with B-S-G alias online ported Google Camera to work on some non-Pixel devices.

Specifically, those that have the Snapdragon 820, 821 or 835. That was a really interesting port since it gave non Pixel users control over HDR+. The next update for the port consisted of a Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL) feature as well as more compatibility for OnePlus 3T.
Now, the same dev has released a new update that greatly improves the previous app.

The new update adds RAW image capture support. This feature can be found in the “Experimental” tab. Another new feature is HDR+ processing. The advantage here is you can select processing modes in a single application, instead of having different APKs. Also, simply installing the app won’t work, you will have to choose your own HDR+ settings.

New options in the HDR+ settings include HDR+ burst frame count, buffer size. The dev emphasizes that you will have to clear data if you are coming from a previous version. It is also stated that devices that lack Camera2 API support will not be able to run the new port.

You can download the new version of the app by hitting the source link below.



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