Google Comes Up With A Temporary Solution For Paid Android Wear Apps


After news broke online about Android Wear users not being able to install paid apps on their smartwatches, Google has come up with a temporary solution to the problem. Google has been pretty swift in coming up with a solution, considering there are not a whole lot many paid apps for Android Wear and the first shipment of android based smartwatches has reached its customers just yesterday.


Google has come up with a workaround that will let you install paid apps on your Android Wear flawlessly. They recently posted a new update on their Developer’s Blog and have summarized the problems as follows:

We have a workaround to enable paid apps (and other apps that use Google Play’s forward-lock mechanism) on Android Wear. The assets/ directory of those apps, which contains the wearable APK, cannot be extracted or read by the wearable installer. The workaround is to place the wearable APK in the res/raw directory instead

A four-step guide to manually install the paid apps has been included in the blog and is now working on a more permanent solution to fix this problem.


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