Google Allo, an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google for Android and iOS platforms has been around for an year now. The app comes pretty handy and useful with a built-in virtual assistant. However, it seems quite odd that we are still missing Allo desktop client which would enable users to access Google Assistant via their computer.

In May, Google’s VP of Communications, Nick Fox tweeted that the web client was still “a month or two from public release.” It has now been a couple of months already, and we are yet to see the desktop version coming.

Further, a recent tweet from Amit Fulay, Head of Product for Google Allo and Duo, states that the desktop client is still a few weeks away. The company, however, did not specify the reason for such a long delay.

We are gladly waiting for Google to finally release the desktop client for Allo. Unfortunately, you need to wait for few more weeks to use Allo on your computer. At this time, we could only expect an experience worth the wait!

Well, how many of you are waiting for the web version ?


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