Google Duo

Google Duo app has already received lot many downloads along with the Allo. When it was launched, it got huge spike in downloads due to way Google annocuned it at Google IO 2016. Later, the speed of the downloads pacified as its shine was lost amid of the competition. But still it has managed to get some awesome ratings over at the Play Store.

Google Duo

Google Duo app has just achieved 4.6 rating on the Play Store. It is the first app in the communications category, if we talk about the big players, to hit the 4.6 rating out of 5. Well, there’s another achievement for this app, it is the highest rated google app ever.

Talking about the Google Duo as a product, Google Duo has achieved a lot of genuine users. There are many pros, to be true, it features the clearest videos among its competition. You can find the clarity every time you make a call on the Google Duo.

It is a good thing to see, that app which has been launched last year has achieved 100 Million installs and has received 4.6 ratings overall. It’s not like playing in the ground, the 4.6 ratings matter a lot for the developers.

We hope Google Duo to get more and more momentum in the upcoming time.


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