Google Duo

The popular video calling app Google Duo comes up with new features. Now you can make a Duo call with some one who did not even installed the app. This new feature might be packed in the latest Google Play Services. Moreover, recipients can do stuff like answer/hangup the call, mute it, and switch cameras like any other normal Duo user.

Recipients can also block an user from calling them again. Although to make a Duo call you have to install the Google Duo App. However, this calling feature will not work with everyone in your contact list. That is because this feature will not work on iPhone and non Android users.

Its worth telling you that Google has updated its DUO with many useful features. Moreover, company is planing to give some new features to its users very soon like web and Chrome OS support, group calls and better audio quality.

Coming back to this calling feature, users who experienced it may share there experience with us.


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