Google has added two new features to Google Flights in order to help users in their travel. Users will now be able to know about any delays regarding their flights. As well as, Google will help users with finding the best economic fare for their destination.


Most of the times, the flights aren’t on time and thus travelers will have to wait longer time at the airport. Thus, Google brings flight delay prediction to their Google Flights. Users can access it simply by searching their flight (or airline) and flight route. Google says machine learning is used to predict those delays with the help of historic flight status data. Also, it can predict delays even before airlines and the Internet giant is 80% confident in its algorithm. However, Google still recommends travellers to get to the airport on time.

Moving on, Google Flights will help users in deciding the best suited economic flights by displaying the restrictions that come with them. As you know, economy class in flights have various issues like less overhead bin space, inability to select desired seats and baggage fees. Thus, Google Flights will now display these details while searching for flights. At present only three airlines support this feature and they are American, Delta, and United respectively.

What are your thoughts on Google Flights? Do you use it regularly? Let us know in the comment section below.


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