At Google I/O 2018, Google announced Android Go, a lite version of full-fledged Android OS to run on low-end devices. The Android Go includes some most useful apps that are optimized to run on devices with less powerful hardware. It includes apps like Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go and more. Since Android Go’s announcement, Google has been continuously working to expand Go line of apps. As the most recent development, Google has announced that “Google Go will soon get webpage dictation in 28 languages” at the ‘Google for Nigeria’ event held yesterday.

With webpage dictation arriving in the coming weeks, Google Go gets hold of an added capability that helps users read webpages out loud in 28 languages. As the webpages being read, it highlights each word allowing users to follow and also adjust the voice speed per their convenience. According to Google, this new feature will be available for billions of pages that simply helps you learn something new while you listen and your hands are busy performing some other important tasks.

This new capability in the Google Go is a welcome addition and will definitely prove quite handy to the users. We are quite excited to see this new feature as part of the primary Google app as well. The webpages dictation will soon be available for Android Go users and you can download the Google Go APK via APK Mirror to experience this pretty useful feature.

Source: Google


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