Google Home Announcements: Debuting in Japan this week; Hands-free calling to the UK; Find your phone; Your phone number for calls and much more


Google Home is taking rounds on the internet from past few months. Well, there was a reason behind that, well there are reasons. One of them is the launch of Google Home Mini and other is the launch of the Home Product in Japan. The surprise is not just that, Google Home now use your phone number to call anyone for calls. Earlier, it used Google Voice or Project random number.

googel home max mini home

Well, now there are many refinements that Google has just annocuned at the Google Hardware event 2017 in San Francisco. Google Home will spoof the Caller ID of your phone as like Amazon did it on Echo.

The another news is its launch in Japan, it’s not new, Google has made announcement earlier this year regarding the launch in the country where csun rises first.

Further, Google also added support for Assistant’s¬†Actions on Google¬†which now work with Japanese back in July.

Google has announced that after Canada and the US, now the UK is also going to get free hands free calling.

In another announcement related to Google Home, users can now find their devices if they have lost in in their house. You can even find it when your device is in silent mode.

Now, the days are gone, when you have to take care of your device even when you are at home. Now, Google Home is going to ease out the task to find out your device if you have lost it in your home.


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