googel home hindi

Google is rolling out another update for their Google Home products. In the latest upgrade, Google has rolled out Hindi support for all its Google Home devices across the globe. Users can now speak to Google Home in Hindi rather than English or 17 other languages. Now in total Google Home supports 19 languages including the newly added Hindi language.

google home hindi

It is a boon for the users in India, as they can converse with Google Home devices in their native language. Google Assistant on smartphones gained Hindi support in March this year. Later, Google Home Mini was launched in India in April and now the same Hindi support is rolling for it. Despite the phone’s ability to understand and speak Hindi, the linked Home devices were still conversing in English. Well, the things have changed now, users can set the Assistant language for home devices to Hindi.

googel home hindi

In order to change the language, you have to open the Google home app on your mobile device. Then you need to head over to Accounts Overview tab and then select settings from there. In the settings menu, choose Preferences and then Assistant languages to add Hindi as an additional language.

Now, you Hindi language setup is cpome[plte, you can check your Google home device by conversing in Hindi.


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