Google Home is Now Available to Buy on Best Buy, Walmart, and Target


Google Home is available to purchase Google and Other major retailers for $129. Earlier Google was taking only pre-orders, but now you can buy it for immediate shipping. You can also buy Google Home from Best Buy, Walmart, and Target online as well as offline stores.

Google Home colorsGoogle Home is powered by the conversational Google Assistant which will do everything from turn on your TV and lights to text contacts, make calendar events or read you the news. The assistant also supports music streaming from YouTube, Google Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tunein and IHeartRadio.

Since it’s powered by Google Assistant, Google Home will learn more about you and how you use the device the more you use it. Right now it is available in white, but there are some other colors also: mango, marine, violet, carbon, snow, and copper.

Best Buy | Walmart | Target


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