Google India speaks about Indians Online Attendance at IMC 2017


Today, as the curtain of Indian Mobile Congress 2017 has risen with all its glory. We’d got hold of the remarkable and inspiring statistics by Mr. Rajan Anandan, Google Vice-President for SouthEast Asia and India, about the online behaviour of Indians.


At IMC 2017 venue, the Google Vice-President addressed India as the world’s most dynamic and competitive internet eco-system. Following that, Mr. Rajan Anandan provided a series of mathematical datas regarding the current scenario of India’s digital development as well as the expected development to happen at 2020.

Indians Prefer Smartphones over PC’s to Access the Internet

According to Mr. Rajan, in India 400 million peoples are connected online, in which 300 million users access internet through smartphones. The above figure is a clear indication of smartphones domination over majority of the connected Indians. He also mentioned that, surprisingly over 200 million Indian citizens use the internet every single day.

google rajan anandan

Speaking of the internet service availability in India. Mr. Rajan Anandan praised India as the country having most affordable broadband and cellular plans than any other nations. Moreover, he stated that, in India airline tickets are mostly booked online(over 48%), and he predicts it to account 100% of airline tickets by 2020.

Other Expected Online Outcomes By 2020 in India

Mr. Rajan forsees a bright online future of India. As mentioned above, India is speculated to completely go online for booking tickets by 2020. In addition, 10% increased traffic, 500 million users access of internet, 500 billion dollars GDP from internet and many other other enhancements is expected to happen by 2020.

Speciality of India

Our mission in India is internet for everyone. We have provided 150 railways stations with high-speed Wi-Fi.

During his speech at IMC 2017, Mr. Rajan proclaimed an interesting peculiarity of India with immense pride. He revealed India as the one and only nation where a bank account can be opened within 2-3 minutes. And, leading private sectors and public sectors can lend loan in matter of seconds. For this, he didn’t forget to applaud the AADHAR system and UPI technology that facilitate the easy and fast processing of above services.

At last but not least, Before winding up, he shared one of the difficulty faced by Google on the stage. According to him, Google is nowadays unable to recruit the top 1% students across various Institutions Of National Importance (INI) like IIT’s/NITs or IIM’s. The reason being, the top 1% of students want to work for India, invent for India and not to do job for any of the companies. By quoting those words, Mr. Rajan directly boasted the uncompetitive youth power and ever advancing human resources of India.

Google India IMC 2017 Major Revelations at a Glance

At Google, we believe that the biggest companies in the world are built by addressing the biggest problems faced by people.

  • India has 400 million internet users
  • Most affordable broadband plans available in India
  • 48% airline tickets are bought online
  • By 2020, 100% shop airline tickets online
  • 50 million Indians access education online
  • 6.5 millions access free-wifi set-up at 160 Railway stations across India.
  • 44 million jobs search done by Indians online every month
  • 500 millions users access internet by 2020
  • 10% increase in internet traffic by 2020
  • 60 billion e-commerce by 2020
  • 500 billion dollars GDP to India from internet in next few years.
  • 1% want to work for India, invent for India in major IITs and IIMs.. Don’t want to do job under profit aiming companies
  • Achieve the trillion dollar ambition for Digital India initiative in near future.


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