Google Lens support

Google lens standalone app is now available on Play Store. If you are not aware of its features than let us explain a bit to you. Google lens scans your photos, either snapped or saved and provide additional details about what is in the photo.

Google Lens standalone app is compatible with all the Android phones running Marshmallow or higher. Earlier the better Google lens is only available on Pixel phones. But now it is available for everyone on Android phones. You can download it from Play Store by going through the link given below the article.

If you are not familiar with Google Lens, it functions are similar to Google Goggles app and Samsung’s Bixby Vision feature. However, in an advanced manner utilising the power of Google Assistant and AR Core.
With Google Lens a user can initiate a web search using the smartphone camera. That is, the tool can provide you with the relevant information based on what your camera sees. For example: If you point your camera to a restaurant, it will instantly pop up reviews and information about the restaurant. Or, capture photo of a Flower and you will get the info about the flower, such as its name, type and more.

Download it from the Play Store.


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