Google Search now showing more locally relevant search suggestions

Yet another testing from the search-engine giant.


Undoubtedly, Google rules the search-engine space. However, that doesn’t cause the California-based firm to sit idle. In fact, it has been upgrading its services frequently and steadily so as to always be a step ahead of its competitor. Often, new features were introduced to the Google search after conducting thorough testing. Similarly, it seems a new feature is on test-drive currently. That is, the Google search has started showing four more locally relevant suggestions list after recent searches. Yeah, only for some users.

Here, in the above images you can see suggestions such as movie timings nearby, the latest cricket scores, word translations, and the latest Bollywood movies. Note that, the local suggestions beneath your Google search will be different and based on your interests. Also, they will be highlighted with a grey icon. Literally, as an indication that they are different from other usual suggestions.

By the way, the new add-on being experimental in nature, it need not be accessible for you. Despite, if you’re one among the lucky guys who’d got the chance to test the feature. We’d be pleased to know more about it in the comment section below.


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