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Google is improving its apps from quite some time now. in Google maps alone company has made very good improvements in features like offline maps, Driving mode, Timeline refined, Taxi services, etc. Now, Google has updated direction arrow on your blue dot in Google Maps app with a shining blue beam, which will make your travel and searching a place through Google Maps lot easier.

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You can also know how accurate your phone’s direction at any particular time with the new Blue Beam on your location. The narrower the beam, the more accurate the direction. The wider the beam, the more likely it is that your your phone’s compass is temporarily uncalibrated, which means that its sensors aren’t working as they should be. This thing can happen at any time i.e. After charging your phone or when you pass a metal pole. You can even fix this by performing a simple trick i.e. Move your phone in a figure 8 motion a few times. It will immediately show you the more accurate direction.


You can download the updated app from the Google play Store. Do tell us after using it, what were your experiences, via comments.

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