Well, this server side update is taking place for many Google Maps users around the Globe. As said at the Google IO 20i8, the extensive redesign of the Google Maps as per Material design norms is now rolling out. Already, the few changes have been visible to small amount of users. Now, as per the sources it seems that the Google is flipping the changes from server side and it might appear on your device very soon.


Well, there are major changes in teh Google Maps Material redesign. Google is now giving a round look to the major buttons and layout designs. There are major other things that have been changed including the new font. Google is now using Product Sans font for many different elements.

The Overview screen (Explore) lists page and many other pages have got a huge overhaul. THe new design is more whiter and lighter than the previous one. Even the accessibility of the different elements have increased in the new layout.

Particularly, in Explore section, you can get more information and less taps. You can even search through different categories including food, shopping, etc. You can search throughout different hotels, restaurants, etc.


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