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Google Maps, nowadays, is undergoing some sort of minor and major transformations. It’s a month ago, the Shortlist feature started to hit the GMap. Another major improvement, the Music Integration right into the app came in at just a week or so ago. Now, a slight change in the map view has been visible to some users such that the Star Ratings of the popular places appear in-map.

It’s not at all a drastic improvement or noteworthy feature. However, it is good to know the minor tweaks Google is incorporating for the overall betterment of the app. In fact, the first to notice the change in the map-view is the folks over at AndroidPolice. As per the source, star ratings are visible for bars and restaurants right in the map view. Being a server-side testing, the new view can disappear at any time without any prior notice for those who’re able to see on their app as of now.

That said, here is how the Google Map view looks before and after the introduction of star ratings right into the map.

Well, it’s a neat change though. As you’d be able to know the popularity/rating of the place you searched without any further clicks. So, if it’s appeared on your device, we’d be pleased to know your view on this minor but useful change.


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