There’s no better map service than Google Maps and we all know that. As it is used by millions of people every day, Google always brings new features and improvements to the app. But, these things first come to the beta channel and only if it found successful, get added to the stable channel. Now, such few new features got included in the Google Maps v9.75 beta which includes notifications for transit and more.

With the latest Google Maps beta, the app is getting a new notification option for transit maps. If a user is nearby to a metro or train stations, he/she will receive a notification of the route and thus help to plan their trip. However, users can block certain stations if they live nearby. Another new addition is the notification for nearby traffic which is however not new. But, now users can turn off the notification if they are not interested. Recently, Google Maps added support for 39 new languages.

Moving on, a teardown by Android Police reveals a new development for bicycle sharing services. Users will be able to know the number of bicycles available at different locations and thus they don’t need to have the service-specific app installed on their smartphone. Other findings include speed limits which is now only live in San Francisco Bay Area and Rio de Janeiro. Other than that, there’s a presence of new perk for local guides which might provide discounted tickets for concerts or something else.

As mentioned in the starting of the article, these new features are only available on the beta version of Google Maps which is v9.75. Thus, you must be a beta tester to install it from the Play Store or simply sideload it from the link provided below.



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