Google has introduced a new kind of tool or test. It is called #myAndroid Taste Test, it allows you to choose the stuff you like on your device like wallpapers, launchers, look, colors, sizes, etc. Later at the end it will suggest you the look and its elements.


In detail, Google has introduced #myAndroid Taste Test. It is Quiz in which you have to awnser questions like you like vibrant colors or muted ones, dark colors or light, warm or cold, patterns or cluttered wallpapers, illustration or photo real, modern or vintage, natural or manmade, etc. There are total of 22 questions. After the input, Google gives you the output of wallpapers, icons, launcher and other things that matches your selection.


You can produce the similar look that is depicted in the photo by clicking Get the look link in the end. It will tell you which keyboard to use, which wallpaper is that, which launcher is being used and which icon pack is embedded in the result. You can download them from the respective links given.

You can try it yourself by hitting the source link below.

Source: Google


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