Ever since the dawn of OLED displays one of the feature that has gained much popularity on smartphones is the Dark Mode/Theme. Perhaps, most of the apps now support Dark Theme and the number is getting increased day by day. As such, the latest popular app to tot it is the Google News.

The latest Google News 5.5 has started rolling out to few users on Google Play Store. Unlike the previous version – 5.4, the latest release doesn’t bundle bunch of improvements but the Dark Theme. The new option to apply Dark Theme can be found over at settings.

As you might know, Google has been in a venture to bring Dark UI to its apps over a long time. As its result, over the past days, the dark mode got debut on various GApps such as Youtube, Android Messages, GBoard etc one by one. With the Google News joining the bandwagon currently, we could expect some more Google apps to follow the suite in coming days.

It hasn’t been long since Google rebranded the deprecated Google Newstand as Google News. However, the Android owner is steadily improving the app by pushing reasonable updates at least monthly.


Google News: Google Play Store.





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