Well, after Google Tez is replacing Google Pay in India, now, it’s time for Google News & Weather. In a recent notification on the Google News & Weather app, Google is taking all the things to Google News app. This is to end the confusion among the Google News and other similar apps by Google.

In order to end the confusion, Google is finally making the Google News the only apps available in the Play Store. Earlier this Year, Play Newsstand was named Google News in May. Google unpublished the Google News and Weather app from the Play Store at the same time in May, 2018.

The non algorithmic app, Google News & Weather is now soon going to be Google News. Recently, users┬áreceived a notification stating that “Google News is replacing Google News & Weather”. It’s reality that users will miss the old Google News & Weather apps because the new one has some automated, AI capabilities in which you can’t do many changes. Everything comes and goes under an algorithm, which make it little stiff.

Well, there are some options of customisations, through which users can do personalise the content. We hope for the time being they would love this option of customizability. Later, we expect a little update from google, in which a person can fully customise the app content.

There’s no time given by Google, like when the old app will be fully dismantled.


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