Google Nexus 6 Out of Stock in US


It has just been a couple of weeks since Google had launched the Motorola Nexus 6. And just after a few days, the Nexus 6 is already out of stock. Which indicates the phone as been a massive success as always.


All the colors combinations have been listed as out of inventory by the company. Also there is no official announcement whether when the device will be made available next. But Google only says, that you check back soon, as they will bring it up soon enough. Also the Nexus 6 will be available across all the major wireless carriers in the country.

And each of them will provide their prices separately, and they will do it soon. Also the pre orders in Europe have been delayed. So sadly the UK and Netherlands people will have to wait a bit more to pre orders theirs. The pre orders will be up by November 18, the earlier date was November 3.


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