Google Now Receives 9 New Voice Commands

"Turn on flashlight" in the darkness !!


In recent update to the Google services, Google has added 9 new commands to the Google Now. This feature is now available to all the Android users having access to Google Now on their handsets.

google now turn off flashlight

There are many useful commands that Google has just added to the Google Now. One of them is turning on flashlight. Guess, electricity went down and you don’t know where’s your device (nearby). Then, You can simply say  “OK Google” and then “Turn on Flashlight” to get out of the darkness. It is quite useful!

Similarly there are 8 other commands. Another one is ability to turn of WIFI and Bluetooth at once by saying the command “Turn Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) on” or “Turn Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) off.”

Here’s full list of 9 commands that have been added to Google Now:

  • Read out your text messages
  • Turn Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) off
  • Turn on Flashlight
  • Play music
  • Call and text your contacts
  • Set alarms
  • Change brightness and volume levels
  • Take photos and video

If these commands are not running, then update your Google app from Play Store. Other’s, can enjoy these features seamlessly.

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