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Most of us love a dark theme, don’t we? Recent reports suggest that now even Google has fallen in love with it. And reasons are based on facts. According to research by Google, color plays a major role in conserving the battery.

Google's Black Theme

At 2018, Android Dev Summit where Google directly discussed this issue. According to Google increased brightness thus, effects the battery life. Means brighter the screen the rate of battery consumption is fast.

When we are more specific the research mentions that Blue color draws 25% more power than red or green color. And when it comes to Black and White both are at the opposite ends in power consumption. In 2015, Google promoted white material themes but after realizing this it has applied a dark theme for most of its apps. The latest example that can be cited here is the YouTube dark theme.

Also now Google has been promoting dark theme to be used in other Android apps too. Well, hearing this report is a good news for most of us. As we love dark themes. Some prefer using it at night while other ardent lovers use it even during daytime.

One of the most important benefits of it is that it soothes our eyes. Let’s hope more and more of our daily usage apps should embrace this dark theme.


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