Google Now on Tap Gets Text Translation, Content discovery, and Barcode Scanning

google now on tap

Google has rolled out an update to its Google App along with some new features. The new update has landed with some new features for Google Now on Tap.

Google Now on Tap which is Android 6.0 Marshmallow feature. It can also be said as an extension to Google Now to find useful links on any page of your phone, maybe its app or web page.

Today, we have got three new additions to the Now on Tap basket. Now users can easily translate language, discover content and can scan barcode.

In detail, you will be able to translate language on any page, can also discover content related to the content you have opened and also it is going to scan barcode for you. Currently, Translate only works on phones set to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Well, you can enjoy these features with latest update to Google app.


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