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Google Pay is a peer to peer payments service and in the U.S market, it is the biggest rival to the Apple Pay. Being a developed country in U.S people mostly use digital wallets to make payments. Apple always outshines Google in this department as almost every month they bring payment support for a number of banks and financial institutions. This time Google has burn candles at both the ends to solve this issue. So let’s check out that what Google has to offer us.

Google Pay Logo

To cope up with the increasing competition Google has silently added support for a number of new Banks. Particularly in the United States Google has a lot of users and to serve them it often brings new features to their existing apps. This time they have added support for 171 new banks which may help those who like to make payment online.

As mentioned above the list is huge at 171 and including them here in the article will make no sense. For installing Google Pay on your handset your device should have at least Android 4.4 KitKat Operating system. If you are new to this service then it is basically an app that works by transferring and receiving money wirelessly. You can go and check out the list from the below-mentioned source.


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