Google Pay

Google always remain generous towards their ecosystem and provides timely updates whether it comes to an app or something else. Earlier from the teardown of the Google Pay app, some hints about the new features were revealed and this time we have a good news for all the app users. Google has just released a fresh update for the application which brings several noticeable and useful changes to it.

The rollout of the update will start from today and will simply make the Google Pay platform more effective. One of the most anticipated features is that now you can send money to your friends directly from the app. With this service, Google is trying to make Google Pay a blend of other apps as well. Another helpful feature is that now a user can save concert tickets or boarding passes in the app itself. After there will be no need to print anything else.

This feature is very helpful to those who prefer traveling on weekends as now you can save tickets in the app which will appear in the new passes tab. The folks who prefer concerts over any other thing can now feel free as they can save concert passes in the app. There is no need to bother as Google Pay supports some of the key ticket providers: Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, etc. The rollout has already started as mentioned above, you may be receiving it in a day or two most probably. For more Android updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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