Only few days are left to officially bid adieu for this memorable year 2017. As every year, we all had experienced happiness as well as sorrow in one form or another on gone days. Nevertheless, the search giant, Google want us to bid farewell to 2017 with a curve on our face by reminiscing us only the happy memories. For that, Google backed by its Machine Learning prowess has started showing “Smiles Of 2017” video collage on Google Photos.

The “Smiles Of 2017” video collage is a short length animation video of 40 to 60 seconds. Once your video is compiled by the Google’s AI, it’ll send a notification on Assistant section of the Google Photos. It comprises of some of your smiling or happy, backed up photos arranged in a collage style. To impart nostalgia, the video also includes elevator music in the background while your images are being displayed with slow transitions.

However, the video is now visible only for few Google Photo users. Despite, we could see a wider roll-out to happen as we near the New Year. In fact, Google had introduced such interactive or innovative auto-generated video last year as well, with the title “Smiles Of 2016“.

Anyway, if your Google Photos has started showing the collage, we’d like to hear your opinion in the comment section below.


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