Google Photos v3.3 brings grouped notification settings, multi selection for libraries and more


Google Photos is getting some minor features as part of a routine update with v3.3. The new changes include a separate notification settings screen, multi-selection in the shared libraries tab and hints for some upcoming features.

Settings options are bound to increase as apps evolve with more features. So, a little organization helps. That is what Google Photos is getting with the new update. But it’s not a whole lot. Just the notification settings.

The new update also now allows multi selecting more than one photo in Libraries. But it doesn’t serve any other function. I guess Google will add the related sharing functions in the next update.

Other features found in the teardown hinted to a photo collage specific to growing children. Photos has long allowed users to create videos based on a series of videos or photos that are our own. So, this could be an extension of that feature.

Another feature is auto-backups can be set for the night time. This feature is for Airtel subscribers in India. This can help lessen the use of data when it is most needed during peak hours.


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