Google Photos will now recognize your pets better and group them


Earlier updates of Google Photos indicated that a pet recognition feature was about to arrive on the photo gallery app. Now, Google has just posted an update on its blog post detailing the new feature. Helping people organize their photo drawer is a big convenience. And any app that can nails it can score brownie points with users. Photos was already good at facial recognition, now it will organize your pets too.

The pets will appear now in the People & Pets category with your photos. You can do everything with them that you do with your own photos. So, now when you open that new category, you’ll see images of your favourite animal friend grouped together.

“In addition to now grouping your pets, Google Photos fortunately already has a few other features to help you honour your paw-some pet. You can search by breed to see photos of your Poodle or Maine Coon or search by emoji to see all those or photos.” stated the blog post.

The update is now rolling out in most countries and users should be able to use the feature after updating from the Play Store.



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