Google Pixel 2 gets FCC Certification


There is no doubt that Google Pixel 2 is the most awaited smartphone. In latest, Google Pixel 2 has received a FCC certification. One important thing that i guess most of you don’t know is that Google Pixel 2 will be assembled by HTC, but will be sold as a Google product. The documents submitted to FCC have various details of HTC. Apart from the certification, the FCC filing also consists all the specifications.

In the previous post we had mentioned that Google Pixel 2 as well as Pixel XL 2 will be equipped with Pressure sensitive frame. And we had also written that HTC U11 had the same feature but only the name is different. For HTC it is named as Edge Sense. Well, now how this feature is useful. Whenever you want your phone to launch apps or perform certain functions it can be done by just squeezing the pressure sensitive frame. For Google Pixel 2 as well this feature will be available as per the FCC listings. But the name will be named as Active Edge.

Well, lets wait for the smartphone to be launched officially and know about the features. As FCC nod is a step closer towards its official launch.



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