Google Pixel 2 ticking sound fixed, new Saturated mode added with November security patch


Google has quickly moved to address the immediate issues on the Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL with a software update. To whatever degree the issue can be fixed, Google’s November security patch aims to fix it. Now, the patch has been live for some time. However, Google has just acknowledged that it contains some fixes for the recent issues on its twin flagships.


One of the issues was a faint clicking or ticking noise on a small number of Pixel 2 units. Google at that moment advised users to turn off NFC for the moment as a temporary fix. The November patch includes a permanent fix for it.

Another major problem that the update fixes was with the Pixel 2 XL’s display. Consequently, the handset’s display has been the centre of controversy with burn-in issues, blue tint on the screen, and low colour saturation. The November security patch brings a new Saturated mode to remedy muted colours. It can be accessed under Settings->Display->Advanced->Colors. With the new mode, users can choose out of three modes of saturation.

Google employee Orrin revealed this official fix on the forums. Below is the complete statement.

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