Google Pixel Devices, launched couple of weeks ago are in great demand. As per the initial reports, it seems that both the Google Pixel and Pixel Xl are going out of stock pretty soon. Also, most of the variants are Out of Stock and those which are available, there’s estimate shipping of 3-4 days.


Google has issued statement regarding the delay in the shipping and has said that due to overwhelming response from customers, Google is facing Pixel Device’s shortages. Gere’s what Google has said:

We’re thrilled to see the excitement for our new Pixel phones, and frankly pre-order demand has exceeded our expectations. We’re working to restock our inventory as soon as possible.

We are assuming that Google Pixel will come back in stock within a week or month. So, anyone who want to buy just hurry up unless both the devices and their all variants gets out of stock.

Right now, the Pixel is available in black and silver with shipping in 3-4 weeks. The XL is only available in silver 32GB with the same wait.


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