Google Play Developer Program Policies Gets Few Changes


Google has updated some policies in the Google play Developer Program regarding the disasters/atrocity and many other things. The changes in the new policies include a new deceptive behavior language, clarification of payment policy section, as well as a Sensitive Events policy.

google play policies


To make Play Store environment more positive, Google has updated and added Sensitive Events policy, new deceptive behavior language, clarification of payment policy section and much more. One of the more intriguing changes to the document sees Google calling on developers to show sensitivity to events such as natural disasters, war, and death. Also, Google commented, In-app virtual currencies must only be used within the app where they were first purchased. Google also clarified the payment policy that governs paid apps, and in-app purchases in free and paid-for apps.

Google has also updated the section on API’s or Application programming interfaces, and how developers should not be abusing them, or improperly using them. “We don’t allow content that harms, interferes with the operation of, or accesses in an unauthorized manner, networks, servers, application programming interfaces (APIs), or other infrastructure. Don’t transmit or link to viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses, malware, or any other items that may introduce security vulnerabilities to or harm user devices, apps, or personal data. Apps that collect information (such as the user’s location or behavior) without the user’s knowledge (spyware) are prohibited.”

You can have detailed look at the changes from the source link below.


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