Google Play Family Library Unveiled, Due for July


Google is launching lot of stuff at the Google IO 2016. There are lot of innovations are taking place and everyone has got something new from Google in past couple of days.

Google Play family screen trio

Well, coming onto the Google Play Family Library, which recently got detailed in the documents. As per them the Google Play Family Library allows a family having various smart devices to share the content in whatever way they want.

There is going to be a manager who will connect the all devices and will give permissions and then everyone can share Music (which is already getting shred), Books, TV Shows and much more.

Apple’s efforts also integrate with other services like family photo albums or Find My Friends, but Google doesn’t have any similar service for the latter and image sharing is a separate entity under Google Photos.

So this is welcome step from Google to Integrate all the services for one family. This will make Android devices more shareable among the family.


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