Play Store Holi Special Deals

Holi is the “festival of color” that is celebrated all across India. Google has arranged Holi special deals on Google Play Store, to make the Holi season even more special and playful. In fact, all Indians enjoy the day playing around with friends and family members by raining color powders and colored waters upon each other.

Unlike the usual deals that Google used to offer, the Holi deals are limited to Games category. Great games that normally costs over ₹300 are now available for as low as ₹10. That is upto 80% discount on certain games. The eligible Games under this deal includes, popular games such as Hitman Go, Special Edition Shadow Fight 2 and three more.

Holi Special Offer On Games

1. Hitman Go : ₹80.00 => ₹20.00, 2 days left

Google Play Store

2. Chameleon Run : ₹140.00 => ₹20.00, 2 days left

Google Play Store

3. Shadow Fight 2 Special : ₹319.99 => ₹20.00, 2 days left

Google Play Store

4. Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise : ₹150.00 => ₹10.00, 2 days left

Google Play Store

Apart from the above premium games, 8 Ball Pool is also a part of the Holi deals. Such that, Google is offering around 94% discount on In-Game Items such as coins, spins and more.

8 Ball Pool: Play Store

Hopes you’d have liked the Holi Special deals. However,  we recommend you to purchase the premium apps using Google Play Credits. Before leaving, don’t forget to look our dedicated Deal section, you may find something interesting of your choice.




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