With every little step, Google tries to strengthen its applications and existing platforms. The Google Play Store now supports pre-registration reward levels. If you are using Play Store on PC then it may not be visible to you but the mobile app is displaying it correctly. This is an age-old concept but has been offered by Play Store for the first time. So let’s check out some detailed facts about it.

If you are a daily user of Play Store then you might have noticed that some apps show “Pre-register” instead of Install. It is because they are currently under pre-registration phase and based on the number of registrations made for an application or a game some prize/benefit would be provided to the developer. This practice also encourages developers to get more pre-registrations for the app as a reward would be provided for it.

The reward levels are classified among tiers which makes it easy to understand. Achieving the milestones one will be allowed benefits and a lot more. Let us give you an example of it: Westworld app is on pre-registration these days. And it has achieved the first milestone of 2,50,000 registrations. Different milestone offers different rewards, one can clearly observe that 5,00,000 registrations and 7,50,000 have its own charm. The persons who have helped him achieve would be offered some app-specific benefits related to bonuses, gems, and coin packs, etc. If you have used it previously then do share with us in the comment box below.


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